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The best way to find out how the widget would blend in onto your site is to try it out yourself. Create your own guestbook or check out how we embedded it on ours.


Embed your Guestbook seamlessly on your Website by using the embeddable Widget.

Customize the title, description and language and make it blend in with your Website. Your users will be able to post entries without ever leaving your Website.

Create Guestbooks

Create a Guestbook

You can create your own Guestbook for any purpose in just 5 minutes.

WordPress Plugin

Your website runs on WordPress? No worries - you can embed your guestbook easily using the Memorista WordPress plugin. Try it now!

Manage Entries

It's your Guestbook and Memorista gives you full control over it. In the Admin UI you can manage all entries including the ability to remove undesirable submissions.

Manage Entries
Multi Language

Hello. Hallo. Hola.

Memorista speaks your language. Simply define the language of your Guestbook in the settings and the Memorista Widget automatically adjusts without you having to update anything.

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